Adopt The Dog That No One Wanted Because Of His Striking Appearance And Give Him The Greatest Final Days Possible

After adopting a sick dog, an Argentine gave him the nicest parting present imaginable so that he may live out his final days with ‘unconditional love.’ Thanos, the unfortunate dog, was diagnosed with cancer, which swiftly spread to his head, resulting in the huge tumor seen in the images. Thanos had previously been rejected by four different families because of his disease. Fortunately, wonderful samaritan Luciano Karosas welcomed the sad dog into his house during his final weeks of life.

Thanos had a cancerous tumour in his head

Thanos, the dog who was known as Coconut before being adopted by 21-year-old Luciano, had a deadly tumor developing on his head and only had weeks to live before being taken in by the kindhearted guy. Thanos, who had previously been known as Coconut before being adopted by the compassionate Argentinian, had just a few weeks to live due to a deadly tumor developing in his head.

He was only given a few weeks to live

Thanos was living with a different family when he received the awful diagnosis, and when caring for him became too tough – after the sickness had progressed to his head – they felt they had no option but to give him up. Thanos was later adopted by many other families, but they were confused by his illness and what it involved, so he was returned to an animal shelter, where he met his final partner Luciano.

Luciano wanted to provide him unconditional affection throughout his final days on Earth

When the 21-year-old visited the shelter, he was affected by the dog’s poignant narrative and decided right then and there to take him in and provide him with the most loving final weeks imaginable. “I came out with a piece of my heart in my palm,” he told Portal Amigo Cao.

Luciano was determined to make Thanos’ final days memorable, and he felt responsible for the health and happiness of his new pet. At first, he refused to understand that there was nothing he could do, so he did everything he could to preserve the animal. In a last-ditch effort to save the dog’s life, the 21-year-old went him to a veterinarian in the hopes that they could rescue him.

He elaborated: “I found it difficult to adjust to the fact that we will spend so little time together. I went him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do to offer him a little more hope (he had been given 40 days to live) and was informed that there is no treatment that will prolong that time.”

Luciano and Thanos decided to make the most of their time together because the news was disheartening and there was nothing more they could do.He showered as much attention on the dog as he could, and Thanos looked to be happier than he had ever been in the short time he spent with Luciano, even playing and cuddling with him like any other dog.

Thanos, as feared, succumbed to the dreadful sickness and died a few time afterwards. His adopted owner and all-around nice samaratin wished him a ‘happy voyage’ on social media and said, ‘I will love you forever.’

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