Heartbreaking with the Disabled dog, the woman defied abandonment In A Street

Recently, the Malaysian Animal Association’s Facebook page posted a clip of a woman abandoning her legless dog in the middle of the road, causing a stir. The incident was captured by a security camera near the scene.
According to the shared clip, a white car is moving and then slowly stops in front of an empty lot. Notably, after stopping the car, a woman sitting in the driver’s seat got down and went down to open the back door. Then, this woman chased two dogs, one white and one black, from the inside of the car.

Heartbreaking Video Shows Woman Abandoning Disabled Dog in the middle of the road

Looking at the image in the clip, it can be seen that the white dog has amputated two front legs, so it is very difficult to move. Notably, after that, this woman pushed the black dog into the car and closed the door. Next, this person tried to climb into the car and close the door and run away, but the amputee dog wrapped his leg so he couldn’t walk.

ТҺіѕ іѕ τҺҽ moment τҺҽ σⱳnҽɾ σf а ԁіѕаЬʟҽԁ ԁσɡ nаmҽԁ Тіnτіn pսѕҺҽԁ Һіm τσ τҺҽ fʟσσɾ Ьҽfσɾҽ ɡҽττіnɡ іnτσ Һҽɾ саɾ аnԁ ԁɾіᴠіnɡ аⱳау, ʟҽаᴠіnɡ Һіm аʟσnҽ on the streets of Brazil

Although the amputated dog was wagging its tail, the woman still didn’t care at all and got in the car and left. This woman even pushed the dog away before starting the engine away from the vacant lot.
The fact that the woman took the crippled dog to a strange street to dispose of has made people extremely angry and harshly criticized. Seeing an animal that is unable to resist, and even loyally abandoned by its owner in the middle of the road, everyone feels sorry.

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