Lu dog was helped in a traffic accident

Story shared from Center of Pet Animal Protections and Studies Station

Lu has been hospitalized in Tien Giang, since June 2019. This New Year is also the three Tet that we are attached to. Lu had to live in a separate “room”, because the accident made it difficult for him to eat. Therefore, it must eat a separate diet, the largest canin maxi bean size, from now until the end of its life.

Lu was stabbed in the back by a car but could not be treated. They left her with rabies for 3 months without pain relief, no treatment. When they heard the news and prepared to go there immediately. When he got there, Lu had difficulty breathing, his body was covered with wounds. We immediately gave him first aid and took him to the nearest veterinary hospital.

That accident broke the ligaments of both legs and severely affected its entire jawbone, causing severe sinusitis, deviating the entire jaw, making it unable to open its mouth normally. It has been operated by foreign doctors on sinuses and jawbone 3 times. Its condition is now stable, but the aftershocks of the crash are still very severe. From now until the end of his life, it will forever only eat large dry seeds, because if eating grain or small grains, the food will back up into the nasopharynx, causing inflam mation, infection, and very painful. This is Lu’s biggest problem for which we don’t have a better solution yet.

The dog was hospitalized in Saigon for 2 months and then moved to Hanoi. After more than 4 months of treatment, it has recovered quite well. Fortunately, Lu’s case was known by many benefactors who supported Lu’s treatment station. That helped the station overcome economic difficulties.

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