Only Skins And Bones Puppy Was Left Aloned And Eaten Alive By H.undred Fl.ies

According to Show Paw the poor soul puppy was found abandoned by wall of rich family. How can those persons who contributed to the pain of these innocent lives rest their heads on the pillow. This puppy had tremendous pains, flies and maggot are devouring him alive. He was lying there waiting for death in anguish!!

Alex Sirbu and other volunteers took her to the Vet for treatment. They named her is Maggie. Maggie was eatean alive by thousand maggots. After cleaning the wounds the doctor remove all the maggots. After two days, Maggie go out for sunshine, she was still in serious conditon. But the Ggod new that Maggie start to sip water and eat a few meals!

She is becoming better and better

She’s survivor and continue battling for her recovery! She’s fighting like a lion!

“The 3rd day, in the morning with Maggie she was glowing. she is better today, she start to walk, more energy and active. We are in hope and convinced of Maggie would convert to beutiful girl and be adopt to joyful family.” Said Alex Sirbu

In the afternoon, on the 3rd day, Maggie has started to sip milk and taste some food. Doctors continued the treatment with infusions and antibiotics. After Five days in clinic Alex took her with him till she will find her family permanently. With the amazing surprise just 3 days with alex, she found her permanent family.

Final moments with Maggie, before to fly to adopt family

“Good bye my lovely baby, we meet u again wherever you will be.. You deserve something far greater then me, a family to care you and love you forever!” Alex Sirbu chatting to Maggie”

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