Rescuers Find Dog D.ying In A Hole And Offer Him A Second Chance At Life

It was a lucky break for one dog who was really down on his luck. The poor pooch, Dovey, was pretty much on death’s door when he was rescued.

The poor thing was discovered by Animal Aid Unlimited in India after he became stuck inside a hole. Adding to his misery, was the fact that he had a really bad, festering wound on his neck.

As the organization shared when they rescued him, “This sweetheart seemed stuck in a hole, but he wasn’t stuck. He had half-buried himself and seemed to be ready to die there.”

He was in really rough shape. Not only did he have a wound on his neck, which had begun spreading the infection, but he was also extremely malnourished and weak.

The skinny dog could barely stand to be touched. As the rescuers said, “He cried when we gently lifted him from his hiding place, but his soft nature was obvious right away.”

Despite Dovey not feeling his greatest and being in extreme pain, it was clear that this dog had a very gentle and loving soul.

This is exactly what started to surface as soon as they got him help and he started to heal from his injuries. The transformation of Dovey was incredible – he went from being weak and sick to being a very happy and healthy dog.

Watch the transformation in the clip below:

What do you think of Dovey’s journey? Isn’t he such a happy guy now? Let us know what you think!

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