Starved Dog “Within One Hour Of D.eath” Breaks Free Of Heavy Chain & Seeks Help

A pit bull on the point of d.eath was rescued within an hour of his d.eath. The animal is safe, but he almost didn’t make it.The dog was malnourished and chained until he managed to break free from the ordeal and wander to a next-door neighbor’s house on Pike Road in Alabama.

“They merely looked at the animal as a disposal thing,” says pAWS (family pets Deserve Conserving) head of state Laura Baumgardner.Truman is the name of the puppy, and he is estimated to be roughly three years old.

He should weigh 75 extra pounds, but his current weight is only 44 extra pounds. Dr. Mickey Golden, the vet dealing with Truman, believes he has been starving for a long period of time.

“He still has a long way to go, but we are so thrilled for the indications of development we are witnessing!” said one remark in the p.A.W.S. of Alabama public Facebook page.

Truman is receiving much-needed care for his terrible ailment, which is a worm infestation. The poor dog was so worn out and therefore barely alive that when he was placed on the examination table, his head dangled over.

Pet viciousness is a crime in the state of Alabama. There has been no more information on prices or concerns since this publication, but the intention is for Truman to be adopted out at some time into a new caring home.

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