The letter attached to the neck of the abandoned dog touched the rescuer

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Lionel Vytialingam was standing in a supermarket shop in March 2020 when he heard a loud noise outside that sounded like a car brake.

He held his breath as he looked out the window and saw an abandoned dog running befuddled in the middle of traffic. It kept standing in the middle of the road despite the rushing traffic as if waiting for something.

Fearing bad luck, Lionel jumped in his car and pursued the dog.

Lionel persuaded the terrified dog to approach in a variety of ways. Then Lionel noticed a moist piece of paper hanging from the dog’s neck. Lionel gently unfolded the piece of paper, hoping to find an address printed on it.
But not at all! It wasn’t a note, but a letter that said, “My name is Siggy, and he is the most lovable dog you will ever meet.” Your master regrets leaving you, but he is no longer able to care for you.

Take him home, accept him as a member of the new family, and shower him with affection. I am a Goldendoodle who is 5 years old (a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle). You are an extremely lovely person who has never bitten anyone. You are also capable of performing some tricks. “I’m hoping the next owner likes me.”

After reading the letter, Lionel Vytialingam was flabbergasted and burst into tears. Siggy, the small puppy, was loaded into Lionel’s car and driven home. Siggy’s rescuer has taken over as his new owner.

Lionel’s wife cleans Siggy and arranges for him to sleep in a cozy bed. Lionel later prepares a bench for Siggy to use as a spot to eat sweet honey bread.

Siggy is cute, but he doesn’t get along with Lionel’s old family dog. Lionel eventually decided to hunt for a dedicated and suitable home to adopt Siggy.

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