The Poor Polio Dog Abandoned By The Roadside Is Shivering In The Cold Rain From Hunger And Despair, Waiting For Fate To Decide His Miserable Fate

Abandoned and left to die in a mortar can on the side of a highway, little Charlotte’s story is one of resilience and hope. The call to the UPA arrived just in time, as the unfortunate pup had been left there for at least three days, with no way of escaping. She was absolutely paralysed and had crawled into the mortar can to hide in the rain, shivering and wailing.

Charlotte had a strong will to live despite her challenging circumstances, and it was clear from her eyes that she still had hope. She was immediately brought for tests after being rescued, which indicated that she was anaemic and suffering from a tick condition. She was also dehydrated and her blood levels were low. Despite this, Charlotte was still eating well and had a strong will to live.

Charlotte was named by the UPA team, and she quickly became a favourite of everyone who met her. Her sweet and loving personality captivated everyone who saw her, and she quickly became a symbol of hope and resilience.

Charlotte’s health improved drastically as a result of the team’s hard work and dedication, and she was soon able to return home. She was still in treatment, but she had grown so confident that she could explore her new room and make friends with the other dogs at the centre.

Then came the great news: Charlotte had acquired a new wheelchair, allowing her to run and play with her friends for the first time in her life. Her change was nothing short of amazing, and she had clearly found her true home.

Charlotte’s story serves as a reminder that there is always hope, no matter how bad our circumstances may be. Anything is possible with love, dedication, and a little support. We wish Charlotte the best in her new life and know that her bravery and resilience will continue to inspire others.

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