They Find A Dog About To Collapse After Giving Birth In A Construction

In almost every city in the world there are street dogs , which according to the World Health Organization , number around 200 million worldwide. The problem of stray animals is real, as is the insecurity and dangers they face in these conditions. This was sadly demonstrated by the story of a mother who nearly collapsed when she gave birth to her babies on a construction site .

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The dog was found by an animal rescue association called Animal Aid India , located in this country, who were able to take the mother with her babies and take them to the hospital. Unfortunately, many homeless dogs end up seeking refuge in places as dangerous as this and have to risk having nowhere else to go.

The call to the animal shelter was made by a witness who wanted to help the mother and her pups, who would have to recover from a traumatic and troublesome birth after receiving medical attention. Fortunately, the babies were fine and would grow up healthy and strong once her mother rested for a few days. The dog would also be sterilized once the puppies no longer needed her to breastfeed, in order to prevent the number of stray animals from increasing.

The mother was tired of fighting to survive on the streets and she only had the strength left to hug her little ones to try to protect them, even if it took her last breath. The good news is that this was not necessary and she was able to get help just in time . According to Animal Aid India, she was confused and scared, but the fate of her family could have a happy ending.

The organization invites all citizens, from India and the world, through social networks , to be attentive to construction and demolition sites, because that is where animals that need help can hide .

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