Traffic police have rescued hundreds of dogs in trouble

A little house dubbed “Dog House” is hidden deep in a narrow alley on Y Moal Street (Tan Loi Ward, Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak). Mr. Le Hung Duong (31 years old, an officer of the Traffic Police Team of Buon Ma Thuot City, the Police of Dak Lak Province) rescued dozens of puppies and kittens with “unique” situations.

Mr. Duong discovered 2 suspects on a motorbike carrying 2 suitcases on their way home from work one evening in 2017, so they quickly pursued. When they were close to being arrested, due to fear, the subjects threw the sacks on the ground and fled.

When Mr. Duong opened the sack, he discovered that there were a large number of dogs inside. Among these is a pregnant bitch who was electrocuted and stuffed with a condom, suffocated, and in rather weak condition. He immediately took the “victim” to the inn and took care of him. Back to the room, he asked a few people to help.

Only 30 minutes later, the mother dog gave birth to two puppies before succumbing to exhaustion. At the same moment, a puppy perished, leaving only the small dog barely alive. Mr. Duong was so in love with the puppy that he promptly rushed it to a veterinarian for first aid and made every attempt to keep it alive.

Duong was happy than “grabbing gold” since he had saved a tiny dog. He gave the puppy the name “baby Tre.” After rescuing “baby Tre,” fate led him to save hundreds of dogs and cats of various breeds.

Later, many people knew about his work and sent him some money to have money to raise dogs, but he always refused. He said: he works enough to feed them, so he won’t accept anyone’s charity money. If anyone likes dogs, they can come to my house to adopt them. And since then, many animal lovers have come to ask for his dog to adopt.

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