Woman raising abandoned dogs

Loveanimalss.com – For more than 20 years, Ms. Thuy has worked as a fruit seller. This is the main source of income for her family, and she takes care of 36 dogs picked up on the street.

In the past, Ms. Thuy’s family only raised 1-2 dogs for companionship. Although she loves dogs, she never thought she would raise dozens of them in her house. But fate has in turn brought the dogs to her family since the end of 2014. That time, when Can Tho was in flood season, one morning she woke up, and Mrs. Thuy heard the cry of a puppy. When I found it, I found 2 dogs about 1 month old mixed in with water hyacinths and garbage washed up in the corner of the garden. Mrs. Thuy quickly brought it into the house, dried it with a warm towel, and gave it milk to drink. These two rescued dogs have stayed with her family.

After they were healthy, she posted to a dog-loving group in Can Tho on Facebook and was praised by everyone. Since then, as a charm, Ms. Thuy has continuously received calls to help abandoned and sick dogs in the Can Tho area.

“It’s too bad to save this child but not to save another, so whoever calls me wherever I go, I’ll bring it back,” Ms. Thuy shared.

Most of the dogs that come to Ms. Thuy are sick. Mild intestinal disease, dermatitis, severe blood parasites, cancer… Therefore, in addition to feeding and taking care of them, Ms. Thuy also has to treat them.

Nearly two years ago, she saved a Pitbull with severe dermatitis in a landfill. Neighbors said it had been there for nearly 10 days, no one dared to bring home a dog considered aggressive and sick. Because the dog only eats garbage to live, the dog has a damaged intestinal tract, every time he moves, he goes to the toilet and bleeds.

Each name Thuy gives the dogs has its own special meaning.

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