Gentleman rescues cats and dogs

Vincent Leopold Marcel Pascal, commonly known as Leo, was born in 1964 in Normandy, Northern France. He has settled in Vietnam for about 15 years, living alone with about 300 cats and dogs that he rescued by himself. Among the many dogs, cats, feral, old, sick … there are dogs with his name and surname.

Vincent Leopold Marcel Pascal

Vincent Leopold Marcel Pascal, commonly known as Leo, was born in 1964 in Normandy, Northern France

When Leo first arrived in Vietnam, one of his culture shocks was seeing dogs and cats being treated as food. “There are families who are willing to eat the dog they have raised.” That is inconceivable to me! Dogs and cats are considered pets, and they are not on the food list.”

Leo began his “strange” cat and dog rescue company about 8 years ago. He was still in Saigon at the time. Meeting wild cats and dogs, Leo sometimes buys dogs who are ready to be butchered, brings them home to care for their red skin, and then asks friends to find them new owners. Every few weeks, he called the new owners to inquire about the status of the other pets. Some claim it’s gone, some say it’s been arrested, and yet others don’t answer the phone… Leo has since decided to keep all cats and dogs in his home.

At the beginning of the pregnancy or even now, there are many times when Leo is extremely difficult. At that time, many people “discriminated” this job and he had to pay for food, medical treatment, vaccinations, etc. Because there was no support fund, the difficulties piled up even more.

Later, Leo founded the organization Vietnam Animals Cruelty (VAC) with the main function of collecting dogs and cats that were abandoned or even simply thrown away like normal trash by their owners. Through VAC, he received support from a Canadian animal rescue organization, thereby reducing the financial burden. Thanks to that help, the life of him and his family of dogs and cats is much better.

Leo’s “family members” continued to multiply. It began with three people and has now expanded to about 300. Many people wonder how you can do the rescue task like a drop of salt and not get disheartened. “I rescue cats and dogs like people smoking, there’s no way to stop,” Leo answered!

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