The dog was in a car accident and was rescued in time

When the Pet Animal Protection and Research Center received news of a dog accident in Van Dien, they immediately prepared the necessary tools and went there immediately.

When they got there, they learned that this dog was wandering on the street and was hit by a motorbike. But it didn’t stop there. When the dog was crawling up, the truck passed. So getting stabbed twice, the next time more painful than the last. Two consecutive accidents left the dog traumatized, it seemed to lie motionless on the road. But fortunately, someone on the street informed the animal rescue center in time.

They immediately took the dog to the nearest veterinary hospital facility. The dog was very weak, so the doctor did not take x-rays, but proceeded to treat it. One eye was broken and could not be treated conservatively. It is nearly impossible to cure that eye and it can only use one eye for the rest of its life. In the immediate future, the doctor only gave it water and tonics, followed up with further health developments to decide on the treatment regimen.

The dog was in a car accident and was rescued in time

Fortunately, the internal organs were not damaged, because it has been 6 hours since the dog was hit by the car but still no nose, mouth or anus bleeding. The painful part to see is the eyes. The painful part that couldn’t be seen was her crooked neck. It kept lying face down. They couldn’t even fix its position, because every time it was reluctant to touch it, it would make a very long hiss through its teeth, because it hurt so much. The doctor asked him to stay in the hospital for a long time so that he can be completely cured.

After 3 months of treatment at the hospital, the dog is getting better and is looking for a new owner.

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