Grab driver picked up an abandoned dog on the side of the road

An article about the sweet deeds of a Grab driver in a group made many people happy: “This adorable Grabbike was on his way to work when he came across a baby boy. If he has no one to rely on, that is why he quits his job to take the infant home. Tolerant people like him are constantly needed in this world.”

Tran Quoc Viet (24 years old) is a Grab driver in the picture who posted information telling the story of him and a dog named Black that he considers as his child.

Recounting his fate with Black, Mr. Viet laughed. At that time, he was driving around on the street because there were no customers, the afternoon sun was very hot. After running for a while, Mr. Viet saw Black lying on the roadside. “At first I just saw a black lump. The impression of it is a black lump, so it is named Black. When he approached, it was a dog lying there, motionless. At first I thought it was dead. I tried to stop the car and see that it was foaming at the mouth because it was too tired in the midday sun. I picked him up and saw that his eyes were still blinking, but he was so weak that he only had half his life left. I locked the car and carried it to the surrounding houses to ask if anyone had lost it. Seeing him like that I was very hurt, his tears kept crying, I also cried,” he said.

Grab driver picked up an abandoned dog on the side of the road

An image of a driver with a thoughtful expression caring for an abandoned dog in a nice and careful manner is attached. The dog seemed to sense this driver’s kindness as well, and he obediently lies in his arms to receive attention.

After rescuing the puppy, the Grab driver paused his work and returned the dog to his new home. Surely, the dog will be cared for with love while remaining with its new owner, no longer having to worry about being hungry or sleeping on a cold and dusty street corner.

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