Abandoned by his owner at a gas station on the road, the dog waited patiently for 4 years

Recently, the story of a Thai dog patiently waiting for his owner after 4 years when he was abandoned has touched everyone.

It is known that this dog is named Leo in Thailand. This dog has been abandoned by its owner at a gas station in Don Mueang district (Bangkok, Thailand) for 4 years. Since being abandoned, this dog has been hanging around at the gas station waiting for the owner to come back to pick it up.

Abandoned by his owner at a gas station on the road, the dog waited patiently for 4 years

LEO – Lost dog waits for 4 years by road in Thailand before he’s reunited with owner

Seeing the dog appear here and not move anywhere, the people living around brought it food. Due to not being properly cared for, the dog lost a lot of weight and suffered from several dermatological diseases.
It is known that because of her love for the dog, a 45-year-old woman named Saowalak gave him a lot of food and brought him home, however, sometimes he ran away to the gas station.

Abandoned by his owner at a gas station on the road, the dog waited patiently for 4 years

Pinnuchawet and Leo. PHOTO: Dog Thailand

Image credits: dogthailand

Feeling sorry for this loyal dog, one person posted Leo’s information on social networks to find its owner’s family. Immediately, this information was widely shared by the online community and Leo’s family finally found it.
Leo’s owner said that it was called BonBon and four years ago, when they stopped at the gas station to fill up fuel, the dog jumped out of the car without anyone knowing. In the past time, the whole family has also tried to search but to no avail.

Meeting the owner again, BonBon was extremely happy and ran to wrap his arms around his owner’s leg. However, he no longer wanted to return with his family. After that, Bon Bon returned to the woman who took care of him for the past 4 years. BonBon’s family supported his decision and let him stay with Saowalak.

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