Abandoned Puppy Waited For His Owner Hopelessly By The Roadside And Refused To Eat

On the way Natusya a volunteer at Animal Shelter met a puppy by the side of the road. He seemed to be waiting for something, but when he saw Her, he ran off into the bushes.

The skinny puppy was hiding behind a pillar, looking at Natusya with worried eyes. It was so hard to follow him, it took her 30 minutes to get him in the car.

“His eyes made sure I still couldn’t forget it The icy eyes of this skinny puppy broke my heart. He’s just skin and bones, and had many problems. Armpit didn’t work and had kidney failure. When I first gave him the food, he would refuse. But because he was so hungry, he ate well.” Said Natusya.

Why was a puppy standing on the side of the road? And where did he wait there without going to eat? Did someone leave him there on purpose? And that caused this puppy to stand there waiting? Will he be able to survive?

In the shelter they infuse him and continue to monitor his condition. The feeling of waiting was not pleasant at all Especially in this puppy’s situation. His eyes were always so full of tears.

“I called him Boy, and he falls asleep from exhaustion. He had vomiting, diarrhea and worms. We were very nervous and trying our best to create a miracle. I thought about him all day, I hoped it would be over soon for us.” Said Natusya.

The food was still there, he didn’t eat it. I didn’t know what to do to help him, I cried. Fortunately, there were dedicated doctors in the shelter. They gave him more confidence and motivation in that battle.

The danger was over , Boy feel better and wanted to eat, so everybody were overjoyed to see him healthy again. Even though he was just a puppy, he knew our love for him. He stopped crying and opened his heart to us.

Oh, there’s even a cat to befriend him. Natusya decided to take him at her home. They were fired up and looking forward to going home. Boy felt strange and knew everything.

“This is his home where he’ll live the rest of his life. He has brothers here who will protect him. We often went for walks together.I wanted us to build happy memories together, to make him happier and forget what happened, and all those efforts have paid off.” His Foster Natusya Said.

“Boy is getting heavier and happier every day. He slept well and peacefully, and every day we pass is so happy and joyful.”

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