After 10 Months of Starvation: The Dog Was Rescued And Completely Transformed That Surprised Everyone.

Neglecting animals is never enjoyable. If we only provide a helping hand and never give up, the rescued dog Barilla is a beautiful illustration of how man and dog can do amazing things together. Running a rescue facility in Granada, Spain, Eduardo Rodriguez has dedicated his whole life to helping animals in need.

“I have been rescuing dogs since I was a little boy and am accustomed to witnessing a lot of suffering, but I have never seen a dog in such horrible shape as Barilla, who could only move her head and tail and was starving. Barilla was discovered weighing barely 7,5 kg. As you can see, she was quite skinny, but there was hope at the end of the road, he adds.

Barilla was so underweight when she was transferred to a rescue facility in Granada, Spain, that her bones were visible beneath her skin. Her organs were close to succumbing. But Eduardo Rodriguez was committed to helping her stand up again.

She was so severely malnourished that she could hardly move on her own. Barilla received a lot of assistance from the professionals at the rescue facility, and she rapidly recovered her strength and happiness. Barilla is like a brand-new dog following his 7-week therapy.

Rodriguez remarked, “Her recovery has been phenomenal.

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