Blinded and Abandoned: The Heartbreaking Story of Father Dog, Once Used for Profit in a Puppy Factory

On November 5th, in Lara, Venezuela, Benki was found abandoned, blind and missing his right hind leg. Sadly, Benki exhibited signs of sexual abuse, which is a common occurrence with male dogs from puppy mills or farms.

This means that once they are no longer profitable, the mother or father dog is abandoned. In Benki’s case, he was blinded to prevent him from running away, and then something caused him to lose his right hind leg.

Fortunately, an X-ray revealed that there were no serious internal injuries, but Benki had severe emotional trauma which was a major concern. Not accustomed to being blind, he quickly became lost and cried out in distress. The veterinarian tried to comfort him by speaking to him often.

The good news is that Benki is a smart and adaptable dog. After spending a week in a shelter, his emotional state improved significantly. He can now detect the direction of sound after only 10 days of training, and he is a perfectly normal dog. However, due to a lack of exercise, he has gained a lot of weight. His foster parent is doing their best to make him feel safe by encouraging him to move up and down the shelter stairs and giving him plenty of love.

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Benki’s journey is a testament to the incredible spirit of dogs and their ability to overcome even the most traumatic experiences.

Benki is still in the process of finding a new permanent home where he can be loved and cared for.

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