Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Abandoned Dog With Massive Tumor

Charges were dismissed against a dog owner who admitted he abandoned his miniature pinscher, which had a big tumor protruding from its side.

“It was clearly uncomfortable, difficult for him to walk,” said Joe Warzycha, an animal cruelty officer with the Rhode Island SPCA.

The dog’s owner, 33-year-old Alvin Ith, of Providence, admitted to the Rhode Island SPCA that he abandoned his 13-year-old sick dog, Patrick, on the side of the road in August.

Ith turned himself in to police and was charged with two misdemeanors: unnecessary cruelty to animals and criminal abandonment. Warzycha told NBC 10 investigators thought they had a solid case.

“Absolutely. I mean, the evidence was there,” Warzycha said.

But last week, the charges were dismissed. Warzycha said he doesn’t understand why.

Warzycha said, “To see this is a huge blow and disappointment to what we do here. It’s just – it’s unacceptable and somebody needs to be held accountable.”

NBC 10 made several calls and learned the Providence City Solicitor’s Office asked a judge to dismiss the charges because Ith performed community service in exchange for the dismissal.

Warzcyha said investigators weren’t looking for jail time but wanted Ith to be held responsible.“We were looking for a reasonable penalty that would hold this individual accountable, even probation. Anything tied to a plea now would prevent him from owning any animals,” Warzycha said.

Shortly after Patrick was abandoned, he was put up for adoption at the SPCA and found his forever home. Over the weekend, Warzycha said that Patrick’s owner had him euthanized because the dog’s tumor grew back and his condition worsened.

NBC 10 spoke to Ith over the phone about the dismissal of the charges. He said he understands what he did was wrong.

“It was a hard point in my life where I made the wrong decision,” Ith said.

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