Cruel Owners Abandoned Pet Dog Forcing It To Live Off Glass And Old Batteries

HORROR photos show the “thinnest dog ever seen alive” after he was found abandoned and living on broken glass and old batteries.

The pooch, named Eric by rescuers, was so emaciated his ribs were jutting out and he couldn’t even stand or lift his head.

He was discovered wasting away in the garden of a deserted council house in Accrington, Lancs, by a member of the public on March 2.

Shocked RSPCA inspectors said his claws were so long they curled over and he collapsed and needed to be wrapped in metallic thermal blankets because he was so weak.

Eric is now thankfully recovering after being given round-the-clock-care and a hunt has been now launched for the cruel owners.

The dog has been described as an unneutered male bull breed type and is white with dark brown patches.


RSPCA inspector Nina Small said: “As well as being the thinnest dog I’ve ever seen alive, he had very overgrown nails and was absolutely covered in urine.

“His faeces had pieces of glass and metal as big as a 50 pence piece in it, and bits of batteries.

“I believe poor Eric has been confined somewhere out of sight, eating whatever he’s been able to get in his mouth, perhaps in a garage or a shed.”


Eric was left in hospital for a week but has now put on nearly a kilo after being put on a special recovery diet.

He can also take a few small steps and and is able to stand, with the RSPCA confirming he has gone to a loving foster home.

Inspector Small said: “He was in the yard of an empty council house on Ribblesdale Avenue, near to the cricket club and playing fields.

“The finder was walking his daughter back from a local park when he saw him and went back to get him.

“I have made enquiries locally, but no one recognises him.

“He isn’t microchipped – as is required by law – and has not been reported as a stray to the dog warden, so at the moment there is no way of tracing his owner.

“If anyone has any information please contact me on our appeal line 0300 123 8018.”

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