Dog Heartbroken After A Failed Adoption Spent A Day Staring At The Wall

It’s a very difficult thing to accept that things are turning out for the worse when you had thought they started getting better, and the hero of today’s story felt exactly that. March, a Pitbull mix, was the happiest dog ever when he heard that his time at the ACCT Philly was over and a better life was calling out his name. Unfortunately, his happiness was cut short as his adoption suddenly fell through and he had to be returned back to the Philadelphia city shelter.

Tough Luck

This sudden change of events sure did take a toll on the poor pupper. As soon as he was brought back to his kennel, he started getting sick and depressed, turning away from the world and confining himself to a gray shelter wall. However, his luck was about to change. When a local news reporter, Dawn Timmeney, saw March sad and alone, she knew she had to do something to help.

She took to her Facebook, letting everybody know what an incredible doggo he really is, by writing:

…I’d be a great running buddy. Imagine all the compliments you’ll get when people say, “Where’d you get that great-looking dog?” Bring the family down for a meet-and-greet and who knows … I could be running with you before March turns to April. The post went viral, and in no time, some great news came. ACCT Philly posted on their Facebook that March has been saved!

New Beginning

They also clarified that he didn’t really find a forever home, but rather, he was transferred to one of their rescue partners who wanted to stay anonymous. But, they assured everybody that March is now with a very highly regarded local group that will put him up for adoption through their no-euthanasia shelter. Hearing the news, March was filled with joy. He was super happy and excited to start his new life full of love, cuddles, and belly rubs. Not only was this great news for March, but for the shelter, too. They now have an empty kennel that will serve as a temporary home for another animal in need.

Final Word

According to the research done by the ASPCA, approximately 3.1 million dogs across the U.S. enter a shelter every year. Keeping this in mind, shelters need all the space and helping paws they can get. So please, head down to your local shelter and bring a heartwarming smile to the dogs in need by adopting them or simply keeping them company until they find their forever home.

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