Dog Rejected For His Appearance For Years Finds A Family That Loves Him As He Is

Bonnie is a dog who has to suffer abuse and contempt from ruthless people, but luckily a family decides to give her a chance to be one of them, and since then, regardless of her condition, she has been treated by her Surrounded all love.

Bonnie is a very cute dog from Romania who lost his nose, part of his left front leg, and tail and wandered the streets for a long time. Until the right person comes along, a dog without a nose can’t find a family that will give her a new chance.

It’s unclear exactly what happened to Bonnie, but it’s likely that someone without a heart caused so much damage. She was about to be sacrificed after being rescued by the Lighthouse Animal Rescue Centre in Canterbury and taken to the UK due to ill health.

Kate Comfort, 29, saw a photo of the dog on the group’s Facebook page and fell in love at first sight, and she couldn’t avoid being intrigued by Bonnie after seeing her big eyes and ears.


According to Metro, Kate said:

“I had a hard time convincing my husband at first because we had three dogs but no one wanted Bonnie, so I told him I would take her in until we found the perfect home.”

For Kate, the fact that no one wanted to adopt Bonnie was a big push for her to do it herself. The woman admitted that she was intimidated by the dog’s appearance, but got used to it.

Kate and her husband Rose started fundraising for a prosthetic but the wound on her stump reopened and the couple realized they were considering surgery on Bonnie for ‘purely cosmetic’ reasons so they decided to remove the stump limb.

The only thing that matters to them right now is that Bonnie is healthy and surrounded by love because she’s totally imperfect and they love her as much as she does.

Although some very cruel people have even yelled at her or tried to attack her in the street, for most people Bonnie is a very special dog who deserves respect and more because She is a model of life.

On Instagram, she has more than 20,000 followers who like to see her photos. The idea to create an Instagram for Bonnie stemmed from her attempt to raise money for her surgery, but although it didn’t happen, her following started to grow.

It’s amazing how despite all the hardship Bonnie has been through, she still believes in people and is so sweet.

Kate says:

“Animals are tolerant animals; I am always amazed by their tolerance and tolerance when they suffer cruelty and abuse. I like animals more than humans and I want us to be more like them, so maybe I will use animals instead It’s not people who come to surround you.”

There is no doubt that for Kate, meeting Bonnie was one of the best things that happened in her life and she is so happy to be able to give her the family she deserves.

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