Dog with a Hole in Her Head Screams in Pain and Thinks Her Life Has Come to an End

Michi may appear to be an adorable and cuddly ‘teddy bear’, but her past was not always so pleasant. We found Michi wandering the streets of Bali with a severe and potentially fatal head injury.

Despite knowing that she urgently needed veterinary care, she evaded our attempts to rescue her and took refuge in a sewer. We waited for three hours in the gutter for the rescue team, hoping for a glimpse of hope or a sign of her whereabouts.

Finally, when she was brought to the veterinarian, it was discovered that her head injury was infested with maggots. We couldn’t determine if it was caused by a person or a fight with another dog – we only knew she needed help.

At Goal Paws’ible, our main objective is to provide dogs with a safe, calm, and peaceful place to recover, often in our own homes. We develop a tailored treatment plan for them based on any identified health issues, such as skin ailments, and ensure they are fed a nutritious raw diet supplemented with vitamins to boost their immune systems.

Establishing a consistent routine, including feeding times, walks, and rest, helps them adjust to their new environment and promotes relaxation. We have found that dogs who have experienced significant trauma recover more quickly when they are around other healthy, fully vaccinated canines, as they learn to socialize and trust through observing connections with people and other dogs.

Unfortunately, Michi was diagnosed with parvovirus after being placed in foster care. Direct or indirect contact with an infected dog can contribute to the transmission of this highly contagious disease. It’s possible that Michi had it before entering the clinic and the stress of the situation brought it out, or she contracted it while at the clinic. Foster homes need to be safe and secure for this reason. Fortunately, Michi survived due to her advanced age and robust immune system.

The day Michi met Saffron, the woman who would become her mom, was heartwarming. The arrival of her perfect match brought tears to our eyes! Now, with Saffron, her other rescue dog Garscon, and Michi, they make up a special little family in Bali.

Let us emphasize that each adopter goes through a thorough screening process that begins with an online application. After receiving the application, we follow up with the applicant to gather additional important information and assess their commitment to adopting a new pet. A full home inspection is required to ensure that the house is fully fenced and secure.

Saffron drove 1.5 hours to meet Michi, and they bonded instantly. Their connection was strong from the beginning as we witnessed in the clinic where Michi was still recovering from parvo. We were all in tears, and I knew that this was Michi’s forever home.

Michi is now much loved. The support of the entire dog-loving community was crucial in making this possible.

We aspire to help more dogs like Michi. This year, we will be launching the development of The Recovery Centre, a custom-designed sanctuary for our rescued animals.

This will enable us to save even more animals and provide them with the care and support they need to recover and thrive.

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