Heartbreaking Discovery: A Destitute Stray Dog With A Swollen Head And Neck Condition

Most of us buy collars for our dogs – we use them when we take our dogs out on walks, or we affix a name tag to them, in case our dog gets lost.

You will have to buy your puppy a new collar when it grows older since they will outgrow it and the collar will ultimately be too tight.

Nancy’s old owners did get her a collar, they wrapped a piece of string around her neck, and never took it off.

It was slowly going to suffocate Nancy to death.

But before it did, the string had caused her skull to inflate. Thankfully, Nancy was spotted by the excellent people at Animal Help Unlimited, situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The Proprietor Of A Furniture Shop Makes Sure Homeless Dogs Have A Warm Somewhere To Sleep.

Sleeping Dog Melts Over 1M Hearts Letting Herd Of Young Goats Use Him For Jumping Exercises.

Once back at the sanctuary, the string was removed, and Nancy was on the path to recovery.

Finally free of the string, Nancy is one happy and appreciative pooch! Share away, people.

Take a look at this video:

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