Homeless Dog Who Donated Blood To Save Other Dogs Now Needs Help To Save His Own Life

He is a hero dog. He has donated blood to the animal emergency clinic to save another life of a dog, now he needs help to save his own life

Those who are supportive, friendly and offer help to others when they are in trouble deserve to be done the same for them when they need it. Yet this is not restricted to simply people, for there are animals that may be incredibly helpful at one moment but require a helping hand at another.

This is the case of Stanford , a canine of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed , which was rescued and has spent 4 months at the Smith County Animal Shelter , located in Texas, in the southern United States.

Throughout his time at this shelter, he has classified himself as a supportive dog, because he even donated blood to another hairy dog ​​so that it may survive. Yet, despite his past, no one has been interested in adopting this 2 and a half year old.

“He is a hero dog . He has donated blood to the animal emergency center to save the life of another dog ,” county animal shelter supervisor Amber Greene told WFAA .

By having been a blood donor, this canine earned the benefit of free immunizations up to 8 years of age . Nevertheless, none of these has been beautiful enough for someone to grant her a spot in his house.

Yet it’s not just the time he spends in there without a family , but according to rules , even the furry one stands the possibility of being killed if a home is not found for him soon .

“The only way for them to get out is by being adopted , moved or killed ,” Greene stated.

It would be a great disgrace if something happened to the furry, who has already sacrificed enough to his community. “It’s nothing any of us want to do. We would rather take them to a home or go out to rescue them ,” Greene added.

These shelters must somehow create place for new canines to arrive , therefore Stanford ‘s life is in jeopardy.

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