Mutual Comfort Between Two Dogs In The Midst Of A Difficult Situation

One reason why we love our dogs is because they comfort us when we feel sick or when we are depressed. They somehow know that we feel sad and sick, so they stay by our side and try to comfort us. But it’s not just humans that dogs know how to comfort, dogs also comfort each other in times of need.

We’ve proven that time and time again when we see stories of loyal dogs who stay by their injured friend’s side. We’ve seen dogs who refuse to leave their canine buddy who got hurt or even those who have already died. And in the story below, a sick dog comforts another dog who’s also going through a tough ordeal.

These two dogs named Simon and Sammie were rescued from two different shelters in South Carolina. They are now with the kindhearted people of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC–a an all volunteer non-profit rescue organization.

Simon, a one-year-old Border Collie has horrible case of mange-a skin disease caused by mites.Poor Simon was such in a horrific shape when he was dropped off at the shelter as a stray. He was feverish, crying & shaking. He was starving and his body had open, infected wounds.

Sammie on the other hand is a 3-4 month-old Boxer puppy who was horribly abused. Sammie was spray painted, shot in head, and dragged behind a car. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC described Sammie’s condition on Instagram: “Sammy has the bullet hole in his head which you can see in the picture. His skin is ripped & sliced wide open from being dragged behind a vehicle & we are told the bones in at least one of his back legs are crushed.”

Simon, despite suffering his own ordeal, goes to Sammie to comfort him. The two have a very special bond; and their bond continues to grow. Thanks to the efforts of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the two are given the treatment they desperately needed. Simon has gotten better and we can see how his condition has improved. Sammie is still in critical condition, but Simon is there to protect and watch over him.

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