People Were Openly Crying At The State Of This Poor Lad’ Dog Left Starving And Discarded On Rubbish Pile In Street

He may look like the Hollywood movie star dog Hooch, but this poor dog has reduced people to tears after being found hungry, covered in scars and in pain.

Found “discarded like an old shoe” in Newport, locals have stepped in to get him medical treatment.

Thanks to a group of residents, the male Dogue de Bordeaux was collected by police and taken to Summerhill Veterinary Centre, where he is being treated with intravenous antibiotics.

In a post on Pill Pulse community Facebook page, those who stepped in to help the dog have been praised: “Thank you to the group of residents who helped him, also to the two officers who carefully put him in their van.

“People were openly crying at the state of this poor lad. He didn’t get like that overnight, so someone left him to suffer appallingly before discarding him like an old shoe.

“Even though he was obviously in a lot of pain, and hungry he was still very trusting to the people who were helping him. I really hope whoever it is gets the punishment they so richly deserve.”

Suffering with an apparent skin condition, which covered his back, the dog is now aid to be ‘resting’ and making a recovery.

The post continues: “He is resting, warm and calm. They are going to treat his skin problem and his emaciation. I was unable to get any more information than that, but he is safe and warm.

The Facebook page, which is providing updates, added: “The RSPCA have been informed, he is now being treated with intravenous antibiotics to clear up his infected skin and he is comfortable.”

Meanwhile the community has rallied in support and Summerhill Veterinary Centre has had a lot of offers and donations to help with his care and treatment.

Dozens of people have taken to Facebook to voice their concern over the state of the dog.

Cheryl Morgan said: “So sad. No, sad doesn’t cover it. We just have to pray for the dog, and hope that whoever is responsible for his state, gets what’s coming to them. I’m going to take a tenner to the vets right now.

Donna Marie aid: “I’m still sobbing .”

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