Pооr Pregnant Mama Dog Abandoned by Her Owner Because She Smells Bad & She Is Desрerate

It was heartbreaking to witness the pregnant dog struggling to find food and collapsing at the dumpsite. Her owner abandoned her there because he did not want to take on the responsibility of caring for her and her unborn puppies.

The owner believed that the process of giving birth would be a dirty and costly affair, so he left her in an isolated area. The dog was in a pitiful state and unable to move due to her large stomach. She was exhausted and dehydrated as she lay under the scorching sun.

Melekler ehri Dernei, a kind-hearted person, came to her aid and provided comfort and support to the ailing mother.

The pregnant dog managed to eat some food but was trying to avoid falling into a coma. Upon examination by a veterinarian, it was discovered that she was infected with parasites, but more importantly, puppies were moving in her abdomen.

According to an ultrasound conducted by the veterinarian, the dog would give birth in two days. Despite her illness and malnourishment, the pregnant dog was determined to give birth to her puppies.

After receiving the necessary medication and nutrients to aid in her recovery, the dog went into labor. She endured a challenging and painful labor and eventually delivered a healthy litter of puppies.

The veterinarian and his team ensured that both the puppies and their mother were well-fed and comfortable. Over time, the puppies grew stronger, and the mother regained her vitality.

As a mother, she took exceptional care of her offspring.

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