Rehomed Deaf Dog Is Certain She’S Going Back To The Shelter Once Again

About five to 10 percent of dogs in the U.S. suffer from deafness.

Some dogs become deaf due to old age, while others are born deaf. Hereditary deafness is often cochleosaccular in origin, related to a specific gene.

This type of deafness is often seen in dogs with white coats and blue eyes.

Blu is a deaf pit bull with a white coat and striking blue eyes.

She stayed in an animal shelter day after day without receiving any visitors.

Fortunately, partners Mark and Sean were looking for a deaf dog to adopt in the San Francisco area.

They found two at the Family Dog Rescue. One of them was Blu.

When Mark and Sean first met her at the shelter, they found her to be vibrant and full of life,

“She immediately took a strong affinity towards Sean and the rest is pretty much history, ” Mark told GeoBeats Animals.

Blu’s original owners reached out to them and shared that Blu lived with them for six years. Unfortunately, they had to move to a rental home that did not accept pit bulls, and Blu was sent to a shelter.

At the shelter, Blu was one of the longest-staying residents.

Being alone for a long time was one of the reasons why it took her a while to get comfortable with her new dads.

Blu wasn’t sure if they would send her back to the shelter or what their plan was for her.

“In fact, the first car ride we took her on to the beach, which was a couple of days after getting her – she was petrified. She was just shaking in the back,” Mark said.

Mark and Sean said Blu’s personality bloomed after she became comfortable with them.

Today, three years later, and after lots of of attention and affection, Blu loves car rides.

Mark and Sean made sure that Blu knew she was loved and wanted.

They’ve formed such a strong connection with Blu that they’ve created their own communication style.

Blu knows where they’re going based on the direction her dad moves and even sniffs their feet on walks to find out the direction they’re heading.

“I think she’s my spiritual animal I guess. I know when she’s anxious and when she’s happy and sad. We just read each other very well,” Sean shared.

Blu understands that finger wiggles from Mark and Sean mean she’s being good. A stern look from Sean means she needs to chill out.

They also worked with a trainer to help Blu learn relaxation techniques, like stretching, to help her when she’s anxious.

Blu’s deafness doesn’t affect her daily life or how she gets along with her new owners.

Mark said it only affects Blu’s ability to establish relationships with other dogs.

“There are a lot of small verbal cues that dogs give to each other that she and the other deaf dogs I’ve had have not been able to pick up on,” Mark said.

“Deaf dogs hear with their hearts. Going forward, I don’t think I’d ever not have a deaf dog because they’re so unique and special,” Sean said.

They added that holidays with fireworks, which most dogs are bothered by, are not a problem with Blue.

It’s heartwarming to see how much Mark and Sean love Blu.

You can also clearly see that the feeling is mutual. Blu looks happy, healthy, and secure with her new family.

We’re so happy that Blu found a home with her new dads.

Watch the touching story of deaf pit bull Blu’s story with her two dads below!

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