Rescuers Save Old Dog Who Was Buried Alive By Owner

It never ceases to shock us how cruel some people can be to dogs. These people have such a disregard for animal lives that they abandon their dogs and leave them to suffer.

But luckily, there are also good people in the world who will help save these poor animals. Like in one recent story, where a rescue saved a dog left for dead.

In February, rescue group the TARA Association got a call about an injured dog abandoned in Jaén, Spain. Arriving on the scene, they realized with horror that the dog had been buried alive.

Stuck in the ground, the injured, 12-year-old dog looked so scared and confused. But once he saw his rescuers, he realized they were there to help and trusted them.

One rescuer appears to use her shoelace as a makeshift leash as they work to dig the dog out of the dirt.

According to a video posted by Second Chance Animals Rescue, there are many dogs on the streets of Spain, and they usually don’t survive without human help.

But this incident, the cruel abandonment and disregard for the dog’s life by its owner, was a new low.

“We are tired, fed up of living with these unscrupulous people,” one rescuer says in the video.

The dog, now named Titan, was found in poor condition: he was bleeding from his side and had a wound on his snout.

He underwent a lengthy hospital stay, funded by TARA and their supporters.

While it has been a long recovery for Titan, things are looking good. He is reportedly getting “stronger every day” and making “tremendous strides towards recovery.”

Best of all, he’s now recovering in a foster home, where he is receiving the love and care he has so long been denied.

What an incredible recovery! It goes to show the difference a little love and care can make for a dog: Titan went from near-death to getting the home he’s always deserved.

Thank you to this rescue for saving Titan’s life! Share this inspiring story!

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