She Cried In The Car When I Took Her Out Of The Cemetery, She Missed Her Mom

Animal Shelter received a video asking for help with the dogs. They walk around in a cemetery, there were 2 puppies. However, there was only one remaining puppy when the rescue team arrived. She was entangled in the bushes and fell back.

She was very scared when she lost her mother. When they entered the car, she nearly started crying. In the meantime she was negative for enteritis. Stray dogs often went to the cemetery. They are safe and only a few people are nearby. But that means they get sick easily.

In the Meantime they planned to find her family. To find the mother dog, it took two days. They took the pup to t he vet when he saw her crying. She was tired so she fell asleep for a while.

Nothing too serious happens to her and mother Dog. There was nothing wrong with her health. But regrettably, she shared her sister’s diarrheal illness. The infusion was uncomfortable for her.

A beautiful new life awaited them. But the difficulties didn’t stop with Chloe. She has an itchy, red rash all over her body. She had ringworm, according to the doctor. So she had to stay longer for treatment. After all the hardships they found the happiness. A family with the people they loves. A heartwarming ending for the puppies and their mother.

Watch the video below:

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