Starved & Deprived of Touch, Woman knelt Down As She Hesitates To Come Closer

Violet ended up in a kill shelter, alone and afraid. She was so severely malnourished and scared. She likely would have been euthanized quickly because of her poor condition.

Fortunately Whitney, a volunteer with I Stand With My pack, heard about the Shar-pei and raced to pick her up.

The initial quit after releasing violet from the shelter was the vet’s office. The volunteers were nervous to see what she weighed. You could see every bone on violet’s body. The numbers don’t lie, a Shar-pei should evaluate between 40-60 pounds. violet was under twenty. Their hearts broke for the poor canine. Why would anybody do this to an innocent pet?

Whitney attempted to animal violet and calm her down. She felt every vertebra in her spine. After that Whitney kneeled down and the way violet looked at her verified her suspicions. violet had no concept what love was. This was a turning point for the wonderful girl. Her life was surely ready to change!

Once in her foster home with Whitney, violet began to learn what it meant to have regular meals and a caring mother. violet discovers what toys are and also has her very own bed. The very first time she strolled onto it, Whitney exploded with joy.

As the weeks proceeded, violet gained weight. She found out more things too. Just how to have fun with doggy buddies and all about happy dog zoomies! She found more things she suched as. She’s turning into a happy, healthy doggo and everyone was thrilled!

Violet’s change is straight out of a storybook. To see what happens next off, check out the video clip below. We guarantee it’s filled with feel-good minutes with lovable doggy smiles. We are so happy for rescue teams and The Dodo for featuring stories such as this one.

Violet is one more example of a sanctuary dog that can make the best animal. keep in mind to constantly sustain neighborhood rescues and sanctuaries. They require our help!

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