Stray Dog’s Stоry Оf Misery Written Оn His Skin

It’s been a brutal, hard summer for stray animals, tray Rescue of St. Louis shares. And Kanga is one of of the “lost souls” they just saved. His skin tells a terrible story of neglect and pain. His body is so broken down that it has even shocked the experienced rescuers.

“We’ve seen many cases of mange over the last 25 years, but this is one of the most severe,” Stray Rescue of St. Louis writes on Facebook.

They shared a number of photos of Kanga, saying, “It breaks our heart” to see how badly off he is. The dog has painful sores, flaking skin and a hairless body that is so etched with folds of skin that it looks like he has zebra stripes.

And his eyes speak to his rescuers, telling them his heart is as broken as theirs. They write, “We can feel his broken heart through his eyes. He is completely defeated. We are so, so sorry this has happened to you…”

His tall, large ears have some supporters thinking Kanga is a German Shepherd, but that will only truly be revealed in time and after he heals. Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ plan is to help him recover but they know he has a long road ahead of him. But they promise, “We will give him medicated baths, antibiotics for infection, nutritious food, and so. much LOVE.”

It is with sad hearts that we report that Kanga has crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Stray Rescue of St. Louis shared the heartbreaking news on August 22, 2022 in a letter from their CEO, Cassady. She wrote, “We did everything we could for this sweet boy, but he had been septic for so long and his body had been put through hell. Sadly, his little heart just couldn’t take it anymore, and we lost Kanga over the weekend…”

The rescue lost another dog, Songaa, on the same day. She continued, “To think about the way humans failed these two babies is simply too much to take. This has been the worst summer for animal abuse I have ever seen, and sadly I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel.”

She went on to thank their supporters, “Each one of you are a vital part of the Stray Rescue family, allowing us to do what we do daily. I am so sorry for your loss; you love them just like we do. And trust me – they ALL know it and feel your love from near and far.”

“All of your generous donations you so selflessly gave for these babies will go in our medical fund to help the next victim of abuse who comes to us for help. Sadly, that time could come at any moment,” she continued. P”lease keep our amazing team in your prayers as their hearts have taken some heavy hits lately. We are grateful for your love as you lift us all up time and time again.”

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