Successfully Rescued Mama Dog And 3 Unopened Puppies Abandoned By The Roadside

There are no language barriers when it comes to loving and caring for animals in need. Dog Rescue Shelter, a dog rescue organization, set out shortly after receiving a call about abandoned dogs by the roadside, writes usnewstd

The man who called them said that he tried to feed the dog, but she just growled and refused. When the rescue team got there, it appeared that the little dog and her puppies had been cruelly left on the side of the road a few days earlier.

The mama dog, who was later named Moli, didn’t seem to be snarling anymore. Instead, she just seemed heartbroken. The mama dog allowed the rescuers to approach her. She even accepted some food from them.

After feeding the mama dog, the team continued to search around and found a total of three puppies whose eyes weren’t even open yet.

Before leaving, the team did not forget to search around one more time to make sure there were no dogs left. And after making sure there was no more puppy, they started to take the dogs to a new home.

The little puppies were brought safely to Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac’s facility, where they can now live peacefully, and be loved.

Hopefully, Moli and her puppies will find a new home soon.

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