The beloved dog died, the man adopted 300 other dogs to make up for the hurt

(Love animals) – Keeping pets is a hobby for many people, but to adopt hundreds of dogs like Mr. Zhang Kai, 41, living in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, China is impossible for many people. Mr. Zhang is the manager of a state-owned company and has his own travel agency.

He has had a peaceful and comfortable life, but everything has changed since the 13-year-old dog, which he has adopted since 2003, passed away. The loss of the dog made him feel extremely empty and lost.

In order to fill the emptiness in his heart and sympathize with abandoned dogs, having to wander to find food and suffering from many illnesses, Mr. Zhang decided to establish a stray dog shelter named Little Angel and This is the event that changed his life. If initially, he had only 8 dogs, now that number has increased to 260.

At the beginning of 2019, the number of dogs in his center reached 300, the most ever, but have since been adopted by several people, so Mr. Zhang now has about 260 dogs in need of care.

The beloved dog died, the man adopted 300 other dogs to make up for the hurt

Mr. Zhang said that he initially raised eight dogs at the company’s office, but this affected the company’s business, so he had to rent a house in the suburbs to raise them. However, the noise of the dogs disturbed the surrounding neighbors so he had to move them several times, until he found an abandoned factory, about 10 minutes away from his house.

Sharing with reporters in May, Mr. Zhang said he spends about 20,000 yuan (more than 67 million dong) every month taking care of the dogs. Every day he buys 2 bags of food weighing 40 kg and he also pays 2 workers 6,000 yuan (about 20 million dong) a month to hire them to take care of them.

Although Mr. Zhang’s financial situation is very bad, he still decided to keep them instead of selling them to the slaughterhouses according to many offers, because most of the dogs that Mr. Zhang raised were old or sick, so no one wanted to sell them. receive them. “I once had a dog and it has emotions just like humans. No one wants to adopt them, so I will be responsible for them for the rest of my life.”

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