The dog was picked up by the janitor from the trash

It’s been a long time since I went to pick up trash, the bitter feeling is still the same as the first day. Ms. Nguyen Thi Binh, 54, from Dak Lak, said a young man took a flower vase to the landfill, dropped it, and then drove away. Moments later, the box moved, dropping a crippled dog swimming around, looking very guilty. His body was covered in dirt, as if he hadn’t showered in a long time. It also has a few wounds on its body.

The dog was picked up by the janitor from the trash

Seeing it hurt, she brought the dog home and took care of the dog for a while, but his health still did not improve. It started to lose appetite and refused to eat, all day lying in a corner. The woman tried many times to get it to eat but to no avail. Because of the difficult family situation, he could not treat the dog and did not have the funds to take him to the veterinary hospital. So she sent the dog to an animal shelter to ask for help.

The janitor shared: “The dog has been at the station for 2 weeks now, has been treated for arthritis and parasites, can also eat delicious porridge according to his own regimen, and is now able to walk. His legs are still a bit weak, sometimes he still bends down abnormally when walking, but because he is still small and eager to play, he crawls up to continue playing, not crying or eating at all. Fortunately, the dog is healthy. strong. I still go to the shelter to visit it from time to time. Since I can’t afford it, I hope someone will be kind enough to adopt it.”

After recovering well at the shelter, the shelter helped the dog find a new owner.

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