The dog was picked up from the landfill

Ku Ta, born in 1982, living in Thailand recounted that one day, he passed a garbage dump and accidentally saw a dog. People don’t raise them anymore, so they take them to the landfill and chain them up. Because they’re chained up, they can’t find food by themselves or have anyone to feed them, so they feel guilty. It was scabies and smelly because it hadn’t been bathed for a long time and was locked in one place for too long. He was also thin, probably about 40kg back then.

Ku Ta – The dog was picked up from the landfill

When he saw it, he brought it home. But he shared that: “raising it is very difficult, at first it was very fierce because it was jerked by strangers, it also had an ear infection, a chronic dermatitis, which couldn’t be cured, cured but recurred. But because I love it. but I don’t know what to do but patiently buy ear drops and dermatitis medicine for him to take regularly.Once, his illness got worse and worse, making him feel painful, he stopped eating for a whole day. week. I had to take him to many different veterinary hospitals.” After 3 months of treatment, the dog eats very well, the dog’s ear hospital has completely recovered, and a number of other diseases are still being treated.

After getting stronger, he agreed to play with Ku Ta. Then I found that it was very smart, it understood everything Ku Ta said, he also taught it basic things such as: go to the toilet in the right place, don’t bite things around, ….

If you keep it for a long time, you will know it can only get a big body, it is no longer too fierce. After nearly 3 years of raising it, it has gotten stronger and has increased to 60kg.

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