The Poor Dog Lost Part Of His Face And Was Abandoned By His Owner, But Luck Came To Him, Making His Life Seem To Turn A New Page Better Than Ever

Everyone like lovely dogs… However, all dogs are gorgeous on the inside, and those who appear unusual are just as deserving of our affection. Some animal shelters have indicated that “ugly” dogs are less likely to be adopted and that they have had to persuade adopters to look past outward features.

The physical disfigurement of one dog prompted his family to forsake him, worried about what happened to him… However, some kind rescuers gave him the care and affection he required. In 2022, animal control officers in Huntsville, Texas, took up Bjarni, a mixed-breed dog with an unusual appearance.

The dog’s nose and part of his lips were missing. His teeth were mismatched, and he had bite wounds from another animal’s attack. He was having trouble breathing and eating. Bjarni’s owners were found by animal control… Sadly, they did not care about getting their dog back and reportedly abandoned him for d.e.a.d.

Bjarni was returned to the shelter while his family was sent away… Fortunately, multiple guardian angels intervened to provide the ailing dog the care he needed.Bjarni’s story was heard by Anne Graber, the founder of the Texas animal rescue group St. Francis’ Angels, who took him in and promised to care for him until he was well enough to be adopted.

Graber characterizes the dog as “vivacious and charming” despite his disfigurements. Graber was determined to repair Bjarni’s face and looked for organisations capable of doing the surgery. She found Jason Balara of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, who agreed to repair the dog’s nose. Through their Facebook page, St. Francis’ Angels raised donations for medical expenditures. And folks came through big time, with $5,100 in donations towards the surgery.

During the treatment, Bjarni’s face was reconstructed, as well as his nose and sinus canals corrected. Graber added that the surgery would not only make the dog “very cute and very adoptable,” but would also enhance his health by making breathing and eating easier for him. And it was a big success: Bjarni emerged as an entirely new dog.

Bjarni’s surgery gave him fresh life… A few months later, he began a new family. Graber says she was delighted to help Bjarni since she understands how things may have gone differently for him if he hadn’t gotten help.

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