The poor old man picked up a dog from the landfill to raise it

In a countryside in Fujian province, China, locals often see an old man surnamed Liu in his 70s, his dog goes back to work from the beginning of the village. During an approved cleanup, Mr. Liu happened to discover a stray dog being searched by nearby eating garbage. Its whole body is covered with a thick layer of mud, its face is punctured, its barcode looks like it has been starved for a long time.

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound

Seeing someone approaching, the dog was not afraid at all, on the contrary, he was extremely attached as if they had known each other for a long time. Sympathizing with the fate of the poor stray dog, he decided to take it home to take care of it. Although there are not enough conditions to give the dog a good life, Mr. Liu always tries to keep the dog from going hungry. They depend on each other, every day, when the owner goes out to work, the uncle obediently follows, helps the owner to pick up and carry things, at night, he stays out to guard the house, protecting the simple house from intruders. time.

Afghan Hound

However, during a dog walk, a middle-aged man, after seeing Mr. Liu’s dog, offered to spend 10,000 yuan (about 36 million VND) to buy his dirty dog back. grandfather . After hearing the strange proposal, Mr. Liu frowned in displeasure, turned his face and walked the dog. He assumed that the strange man was trying to wake up to play with him, because no one is stupid enough to be willing to pay. It turned out that the dog Mr. Liu found in the landfill was not an ordinary native dog, on the contrary, it was a noble breed. – Afghan hound or Afghan dog . With their splendid coat and dynamic personality, the Afghan dog is loved by many families, with market prices ranging from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of yuan.

After knowing the true identity of the pet dog, the old man was silent for a while. However , in the end , he still decided not to sell the dog , because to him it was not just a pet , but his family . That sacred love cannot be bought with thousands of gold.

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