Two Terrified Stray Pups Clung To Each Other With Swollen Bellies

Two puppies that had formerly been inside a loving home were instead attempting to survive on the streets. The fluid in their bellies was extremely bloated. Both pups were severely underweight, with low levels of albumin. Albumin is a key blood protein and fluids can build up in the abdomen when it is insufficient.

The day they were found, they were unconscious and had severe injuries. They were believe to have been an experiment of some sort, maybe a test on animals or possibly even humans. Because the two dogs suffered such terrible injuries, it was doubtful that they would survive for long. Fortunately, they were discovered in time and taken to a veterinarian’ clinic where they received urgent medical care.

When the veterinarian was able to examine them at last, he was absolutely shocked. These tiny baby pups also had a large number of ticks. Anemia was caused by the ticks and starvation. To make matters worse, they’re both parasites. Both pups would need lengthy therapies, including blood transfusions.

It was critical that the fluid from their distended bellies be extracted, but this is a difficult operation. Some dogs die as a result of it. The pups were prepared on the examination table by the vet and his staff. They were put to sleep so they wouldn’t suffer or move too much. It took time, and it may have needed to be done many times, but the fluid started draining nicely out of their stomachs. Their paws were held by one of the vet technicians throughout the process to comfort them.

The pups were incredible! When they awoke, they were able to have a typical dinner. They were still hesitant, but they were definitely making progress. As the days passed and the pups received numerous transfusions of blood, they became more lively. Soon enough, the pups began eating normally and playing again.

The puppies’ tummies were a little better but still swollen. They required another draining, and once again, both pups were brave. They began to believe in their new human friends. A local rescue group facilitated the transfer of the dogs to a medical foster home when their health improved significantly. They were available for adoption as soon as they had been certified in good health by the veterinarian.

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